priMed Emergency Training Centres

Locally Owned and Operated

since 2006




WorkSafeBC requires annual re-certification for any employees who are expected to provide fire suppression. 


This 4 hour course focuses on the safety aspects of wildland firefighting.



Cost: $50.00


Pre-Requisite: Previous S-100 certification  


Full course: $100.00

S-185 Entrapment Avoidance


This 2-3 hour course was designed for forestry contractors and industry personnel.


It builds upon S-100 skills and focuses on entrapment avoidance and survival by re-enforcing Safe Work Procedures and LCES.


Cost: $50.00


Pre-Requisite: S-100 certificate




S-215 Wildland Interface


Designed for Fire Dept. officers and Incident Commanders, this one day course provides a second level of interface fire response training (post S-100).


This course covers size-up, structure triage and site preparation, engine operations and fire stream management as well as aircraft and heavy equipment operations.


Cost: $50.00


Pre-Requisite: S-100 certificate